The scent of coffee beans and the chic design signal that I’m at a coffee shop. For me, a coffee shop is a multi-purpose place. I go there to study, read, and catch up with friends. It’s a casual spot with a peaceful atmosphere where I can relax and let my guard down while sipping a cup of coffee.






Craving a food I haven’t eaten in a while, imagining how delicious it looks and tastes, and finally eating it is incredibly satisfying. When I have the time and motivation, I enjoy cooking something new, trying new dishes, or even creating my own recipes.





Hiking on a trail for hours and navigating rough uphill terrain can be grueling, but for me, it’s wonderful. Weaving through shade and sunlight, catching glimpses of the peak and the surrounding area, makes me appreciate the view from the top even more.








Spending hours on a single problem, exploring various solutions through trial and error, and finally solving it is one of my greatest joys. Knowing I can solve it again more quickly and easily is rewarding. It allows me to focus on even harder problems, which keeps me continuously learning.







To find a great reading spot, I have a set of criteria: an armchair tucked in a corner, a window beside me for ample natural sunlight, and most importantly, a book that immerses me so deeply in its story and characters that I lose track of time.


The concept of beauty is cultural, subjective, and selective, but the urge to create something beautiful is universal. To be visually beautiful, something must be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be novel and insightful. When I create, I strive to incorporate both novelty and aesthetic beauty into my designs.