Honduras was my first taste of traveling abroad in college. The country and experience exposed me to different people with different cultures and backgrounds than I’m used. It gave me the valuable knowledge on how the world is such an enormous place and would be shame if I didn’t try to explore it. And because of this, it gave me the constant feeling of wanderlust and to plan my next adventure.


My time in Kenya was a humbling experience. Teaching in a school, with inadequate supplies, sharing a room with another class and not enough teachers to teach each class, made me appreciate my education and how I was raised. Seeing the children get happy from the simplest things, where I take is as granted or means nothing to me, made me appreciate the small things. The children that I taught as the school left me an impression that I would never forget and hopefully in the future, pay it forward.


The place known for its bison, geysers and beautiful landscapes. For me, I would know it as a great family vacation and a graduation present for graduating college. The surrounding nature and being with my family made me reminisce about the family camping trip to New England when I was younger, which spurred my wonder to the beautiful side of nature and the outdoors.


The country would forever be in my heart as having beautiful nature, picturesque landscapes and being my first place I traveled alone. Iceland is a great country to try solo traveling. There tourist industry is huge, it has a large backpacking culture and have tons of activities for solo travelers to do. Traveling alone made me spoiled, now it’s easier for me to travel where I want, when I want and do whatever I want, without worrying if someone is happy about it.


Majority of my trip to Peru was spent doing the Salkantay Trek. A five-day hike, where the last day is to Machu Picchu. The trek tested my physical and mental strength. Waking up at 4:30am every day and hiking for 8-10 hours was intense, but also beautiful. The views along the way were sublime and majestic. Photos can only take a fraction of the beauty. To hike to these views, add more appreciation and respect to the scenery. It was a tough and intense trip, but well worth it.


Wandering the streets of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, I could see the history of the city from its architecture. The Old City district had buildings that were built centuries ago, I could see the remnants of the Cold War era with its Soviet Union buildings and now from the country’s oil boom, their hyper-modern buildings.

Part of my trip was visiting Nakhchivan, an autonomous republic of Azerbaijan. The places we visited were surreal, with barely any other people there. But the people we did meet, were excited that a tourist would visit that part of the region. Overall, Azerbaijan and the trip were great time to explore a beautiful area that not many people visit.


One reason I would recommend someone to travel alone at least once is the self-confidence one gets afterward. Traveling to a middle eastern country alone, where I didn't know the written or spoken language, and relying on my wits and resources, will be an experience I will not forget. From friendly bus drivers to encountering people along the streets, I was never lonely. Every day I met interesting and fun people to enjoy the spectacular scenery with. At the end of the trip, I gained not only amazing memories but the self-confidence to travel independently.


The lights, smell of food, the cleanliness of the streets, this is what I think about when I think about Singapore. The city-state island, with its towering skyscrapers along the bay to its little cultural neighborhoods throughout the city, has something for everyone. While traveling on their efficient and cheap MRT, making stops at small boutique tea/coffee shops, visiting their numerous malls and enjoying the breathtaking views along the bay and mountainside, I gained an appreciation for the atmosphere and beauty of the city. Singapore will forever be known to me as a wonderful oasis in Southeast Asia.


India is a country with a rich tale of history, culture and its people. Exploring just a hint of it, exposed me to all three. I experienced visits to the forts and palaces built during the Mughal Empire, saw the influence of India's culture in everyday life and exchanged conversations with people who brought to life the stories heard about India. With the briefness of the trip, I wish to go back again, to fully experience it.