When asked at dinner parties what I do, my answer is working in technology at Pfizer; however, that reduces me to a one-dimensional character, with labels and stereotypes. It leaves out my aspirations in life, such as enhancing people's digital experience through a human and analytical approach. To give the reader a clearer picture of who I am, I want to articulate how I arrived here and what I aspire to do in today’s digital world.


2012-2017: The Young Student of the World

I chose to pursue a degree in Business and Engineering. I was drawn to it because it exposed me to the concept of acting as a bridge between the client-facing teams and technology divisions of a company. At the end of my undergraduate, I looked for a position that focused on being that bridge to optimize technology and expand my skill set by working on a range of projects. I sought companies whose missions matched mine: actively making people's lives better through technology, which led me to work for Pfizer in their Digital rotational program.


2017-2019: The Young Apprentice of the Corporate World

The experience of working at a large pharmaceutical company gave me a fresh perspective on how companies impact millions of people every day around the globe. It made me realize the importance of quality, trust, and accountability. Being in a rotational program gave me opportunities to work on diverse, large-scale projects: organizational restructuring, implementing budgeting and forecasting applications, data analysis, and modeling. I have also grown to appreciate other people’s working styles and how the interplay between styles affects a team. I have seen that managing expectations, being aware of your responsibilities, and engaging with your stakeholders are what drive successful projects. In the end, it's about communication.

The rotational program brought to light my strengths: being personable, problem-solving, and analytical thinking. It has also clarified what I enjoy: communication, learning, design. I utilized different types of technology to adapt to new situations and find novel, creative solutions to challenges that arise


2019-Present: The Driven Nine-to-Fiver

Now, I’m working in the Digital Legal and Compliance space, where I can grow my responsibilities and career in a regulated, but innovative environment. I have ownership of an application that is used on an enterprise level and through collaboration with internal and external teams, the application has expanded into diverse use cases and areas within Pfizer. As well as working on a global, multi-year project to drastically improve the Healthcare Provider experience by increasing the automation capabilities across the compliance and healthcare engagement process.


Future: Cultivating My Personal Interests

After reflecting on my core passions and interests, I connected the dots between what I wanted to do and my career trajectory. My story is not about becoming a CEO or acquiring money, but about enriching the lives of others, while enriching my own life. I want to create a virtuous cycle of enhanced work, where people can innovate, be creative and propel their capabilities. I want to reimagine how people interact with technology. I want to empower them through personalized and data-driven technologies to enable them for better interpersonal interactions, knowledge-sharing, and insights.

In conclusion, now I know why I struggled with the question of what I do, it should not be what I do, it should be what I want to do: empower people through technology.